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Sketch Round 33 Character

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Submission Due Date: March 7, 2018 at 11:59 PST

Character © CamishCD

Name: Aiden
Gender: Male
Age: 17 years
Race/Species: Human

Height: 172 cm
Face Shape: Somewhat square, with a strong jawline.
Hair: Kind of an undercut with a mop of thick, messy red hair on top. It's quite a bit darker where it's short.
Eyes: Bright green, wide and friendly.
Nose: Chunky and kinda shaped like a rhombus I suppose?
Lips: His mouth is most often drawn as a line, without lips. But anyway I think they'd be rather thin.
Skin: His skin is naturally quite pale, but has acquired a somewhat tan coloring from spending a lot of time out in the sun.

Clothes: He usually wears t-shirts, waistbands and baggy pants with occasional simple gold ornaments. One of his worn garments is always purple to signify that he lives in a Solunar monastery, the rest are usually orange, white, yellow or light blue. He prefers walking without shoes, but wears sandals when the he has to. He also wears goggles and a kind of satchel when he goes out exploring.

Personality: Aiden is usually quiet and a bit reserved, especially around new people. He'll still smile and be polite though, and quickly warms up to friendly people. He likes gardening, reading and exploring the countryside. One day, he'd like to be a botanist and travel the world looking for exotic plants, though he knows it's unlikely.

Cultural Reference: You can put him in any setting you'd like! Still, here's some info if you wanna know about his usual setting: Aiden lives in a world called Terra, and in a town called Torro. It's located on a hill near the border of the Mountain Region, very close to the Tower of Fire - a holy place built ages ago by the Dragons. Because of that, Torro has a quite large Solunar monastery (the worship the sun/moon gods), and this is where Aiden currently lives. Not because he's a monk, but rather because strange circumstances made him the guardian of a holy turtle called Aku. The climate around Torro is hot and rather dry, but the large river down in the valley provides them with all the water they need.

Markings/Piercings/Tattoos: He has a few birthmarks and freckles, but none of them are very important.
Image References
Aiden by CamishCD Core ch1 pg 0 by CamishCD Core ch 1 pg 4 by CamishCD

Mood/Theme Request/Suggestion: It would be great to see a take on Aiden planting flowers in the garden, exploring the countryside, hanging out in the library; and/or being with Aku the adorable turtle. Most importantly please have a fun chill time and do whatever you want to do. No pressure!
Other Important Notes: There is some additional information about Aiden's background in the artists comment underneath his reference sheet if you want to know more! Also, he's one of the protagonists of the comic Core (see second reference here for the beginning of the comic,) so of course reading some of that may help as well. Have fun!

Additional Prizes

:iconcamishcd: - One rough colored character portrait to the winner!
• Anonymous - 15:points: Points to the Winner
• If you wish to donate a prize, please Note the group.

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