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About the Paper Chain Project

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 26, 2011, 11:32 AM

Who We Are
The paper chain project has existed on the internet for some time now, on various other art sites and with various other groups under various different names. "The Paper Chain" was a name made up for DA. It was created here as a hub for people who have been interested in doing such things, but lacked the exposure or understanding to make it work.

The Paper Chain is basically an ongoing, no obligations art contest/trade/request group which is open to anyone to enter at any time. You may participate whenever you feel like. If you wish to remain updated it is recommended you watch or join this group to receive journal updates for winners and the next challenge. Special mini challenge may be open to members only of this group in the future.

How it Works
How it works in a nut shell is it starts with one artist. We'll call them artist A. Artist A puts up their character (see character submission sheets for more details). Anyone who wishes to participate must then draw that character. Sketches, CGs, whatever is fine unless otherwise stated. Artist A will then get to pick the winner of that contest (and 2 runners up in case the winner fails to submit their sheet). The winner will then take the place of Artist A and have their character drawn for the next round and so on and so forth. Artists are also welcome to submit extra prizes for winners and runners up.

For more details on rules and how to participate, please see the Rules and Participation.