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Frequently Asked Questions

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 26, 2011, 11:31 AM

How can I join?
There is no member list, simply join the group to become a member or watch the group for fun. You can participate whenever and how often you want.

What are the runners up for?
In case the winner doesn't submit in time or disappears.

I can't submit my entry, how come?
Only people who have joined the group can submit entries to a round. Make sure your browser is up to date and/or wait a little while and try again. Always double check the round deadline and make sure you are submitting to the proper folder. If you experience any other issues, please send a note explaining the problem to the group for review (preferably with screenshots). We will not accept submissions to around without proof of the problem.

Can I submit fiction instead of art?
No, we do not accept submissions of literature.

Why do you not accept literature?
Because you are writing about people's characters almost completely out of context. Not everyone is comfortable letting strangers who know nothing about their character's stories, pasts and so forth trying to make a story out of them. You would have to be making up your own character out of theirs to do so and it would not be appropriate. Therefor this is a visual art only group, sorry.

Can I submit Photo-manipulations?
No, we no longer accept photo-manipulations.

Can I include someone else's drawing/work in my submission if I have their permission?
No. All drawings present in the submission must be your own and must be created specifically for the round.

I've drawn this character before, can I submit that instead?
No. We only accept new artwork made specifically for that round.

What are Staff Picks and how do I become one?
Staff Picks are submissions that particularly like and wish to feature. Each staff member has one pick on the main page to feature at a time. They are cycled whenever a particular staff member feels like or wishes to change their feature. Staff picks are not done by request or nomination, but by the staff's fancy.

How long does it usually take to accept or reject entry?
Entries are usually accepted or rejected within 1-5 days of being submitted to the group.

Why was my entry rejected?
If you are unsure of why your entry was rejected or wish to dispute a rejection, please send a note to the group with the subject "Submission Rejection" or comment on your submission ticket for review.

I think one of the entries submitted is breaking your rules!
If you think you see an entry that is breaking our rules, please send us a note including why you think it is breaking our rules and proof of doing so.

May I donate a prize to one of the rounds?
Yes! If you'd like to donate a subscription, art requests, points, etc. please send a note to the group stating your prize and the round you are contributing towards. We will then add your prize to the list. (You may also specify donating for longer periods of time.) We appreciate any and all donations to the group. You will be responsible for contacting the winner to give them the prize at the end of the round. If for whatever reason you are unable to deliver the prize, please contact the group as soon as possible and preferably before the round ends. Additional prizes are not intended to be the focal point of a round or to used as bribes for getting better art for your round.

I won a round and I won an additional prize, how do I collect it? / There was a problem getting an additional prize from my win, what do I do?
Additional prizes are primarily donations staff or contributing members of the group (like yourself). These additional prizes are not meant to be the focal point of any round and are not grand prizes, they are bonuses and should be regarded as such. The PaperChain does not have any direct control over donations from those outside of staff and it is their responsibility to get in touch with you and outside of the group's hands. However if you feel this is taking too long, please contact that member directly, but be polite and respectful of their time as it is a gift.

For Sketch Rounds: What is the difference between a sketch and a pencil drawing?
noun: sketch; plural noun: sketches 1. a rough or unfinished drawing or painting, often made to assist in making a more finished picture. "a charcoal sketch" synonyms: (preliminary) drawing, outline; diagram, design, plan; informal rough "a sketch of the proposed design" --Definition courtesy of

A pencil drawing is a work in which a technical work that is painstakingly rendered (defined as: a work of visual art, especially--detailed--, to reproduce or represent by artistic or verbal means, the processing of an outline image using color and shading to make it appear solid and three-dimensional.") a pencil drawing would be unable be accepted into a sketch round as by simple definition it's going above and beyond what a sketch round stands for.

Examples of Pencil Drawings:
reptalia-serye # 21 by erwinpineda Playful curls - Pencil drawing by Regius eye drawing by sharppower
Examples of Sketches:
sketch examples by akreon more sketches by hibbary Ara Sketch by sambees

Additionally: Sketches are permitted in any medium, pencil, charcoal, pen, digital (Photoshop), et cetera as long as they do not cross the line into more detailed works. A sketch is supposed to be a looser rough piece.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them right here in the journal and we'll respond as soon as we can. Our FAQ is really small right now, but we're sure it will grow.