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Full Round Information HERE~!

Sketch Round 30 Character

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Submission Due Date: March 18, 2017  at 11:59 PST

Character © BardicKitty

Name: Brittany
Gender: Female.
Age: 23.
Race/Species: Human.

Height: 5 feet 5 inches.
Face Shape: Oval.
Hair: Red in color. Long bangs that frame the face and hang down a bit past her chin, with a couple very short wisps in the center from her part. Two bits from behind her ears fall to about mid-chest. The rest of it is very long, falling to her hips/buttocks, though she has a tendency to wear it up in a big, tight bun held up with decorative chopsticks.
Eyes: Wide and expressive, slightly up-tilted eyes.
Nose: Smallish.
Lips: Wide, expressive mouth.
Skin: Light tan.

Clothes: She likes to wear cute things. Lots of skirts. Her 'school uniform' of sorts is what she wears most often. It's the black coat with pink trim and matching pink skirt with knee high buckled boots. (see reference images) But I'd love to see what you come up with for any kind of cute outfit for her!

Personality: In a word, Bubbly. She is polite, kind, and friendly and would do anything to help others. Unfortunately, this can make her come across as stupid or annoying to other people. She loves cute things and is athletic (something of a cheerleader/gymnast type). There's a damaged side to her as well, though, that has grown used to people making the wrong kind of assumptions about her and she is lonely and wishes for someone who will actually take the time to understand her. Her intelligence can get lost in translation, plus people don't expect someone so 'bubbly' to be very smart.

Cultural Reference: In the setting she's from, her homeland is very Japanese inspired, which comes out in her overly polite way of speaking and interacting with others as well as some hints in her clothing/hairstyle choices. But she travels to a much more European setting to study magic at a large university/academy. So either type of setting/culture/clothing would be acceptable.

Image References
Brittany by BardicKitty Brittany in coat by BardicKitty Brittany - Revamped n Colored by BardicKitty

Mood/Theme Request/Suggestion: There are two main aspects to the character, and I'd be interested in seeing either. The bubbly, happy Brittany enjoying something cute/fun. Or the lonely Brittany who wishes people wouldn't judge her based on first-glance assumptions. Or it could be fun to see her casting some seriously awesome magic.

Other Important Notes: In the reference image where she's drawn as a cheerleader, that's actually her staff that she uses to channel her magic. The school uniform includes gloves (hers are pink, of course) that are designed to act in place of a staff for that purpose, though. So she can be drawn with one or both of those things if you choose to show her using magic.

Additional Prizes

:iconfandomtopia: - 190 Points to the winner.
:iconsilversugar: - One chibi sketch request to the winner.
:iconkiananight: - 350 Points to the winner.
• If you wish to donate a prize, please Note the group.
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Full Round Information || Sketch Round Information

Full Round 33 Results


[PCP] On the job by CCDragon-93

Runner Ups

PCP KulKwab for EvveyLee by SilverSugar

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Sketch Round 29 Results


Straight from the heart by EvveyLee

Runner Ups

[PCP] A Princess at Heart by CCDragon-93 [PCP] Princess Heart by BardicKitty

EvveyLee cannot hold both rounds. The next round holder will be: BardicKitty as decided by coin-flippage and staff approval. Please look forward to the next round!

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Thank you to everyone who left us feedback and messages of support on our Participation Journal and for putting up with this impromptu hiatus. We're going to get the next sketch round underway and slowly ramp everything back up from there. Please look forward to it~! --SilverSugar

Thank you all for your continued support and participation~!

Winners, as always, please send us a note with the next character of your choice within four (4) days!
We at the Paper Chain are very dedicated to keeping this group running, but it's become apparent within the last few rounds that things are starting to slow down despite our best efforts. Rounds have mostly been populated by staff entries (who do our best to always give their round-holder slots to other members) or by  Things are getting cyclical and stale. That is to say if we get any entries at all and we really feel it is disrespectful to the round holders who had put so much time and effort into their pieces just to win either by default or other technicality.

So, what can we do to improve?

We have a few ideas we've been tossing around the back of the house, so to speak, but we'd like to hear from you--our Members and Watchers first.

Please let us know down in the comments what would help motivate you to take part. It can be anything. We appreciate your feedback and support.

Thank you.

About Us|| Rules and Participation || Character Sheets || FAQ
Sketch Round Information HERE~!


You will have until the first of February to submit entries for this round. There will be no further extensions. Thank you. Additionally, the next sketch round will go up that day as well. Sorry for the delay.

PLEASE REMEMBER: You cannot win if you do not submit anything. You are eligible even if you do not have a 'completed' entry. You are aloud to submit sketches, lineart, or flat-color pieces to the full rounds. Please just do your best! Thank you.

Round 33 Character

Submit/View Entries: Full Round 33

Submission Due Date: January 20, 2017 at 11:59:00 PST

Character © EvveyLee

Name: Kul Kwab
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Race/Species: Human, Caucasian.

Height: Relatively short.
Body Shape: Chubby.
Face Shape:Square.
Hair: Chocolate brown, half-long.
Eyes: Green-brownish, big and round.
Nose: Tip-tilted.
Lips: Thin, but prominent.

Clothes: Her work clothes (her usual outfit) consist of a white shirt, blue overall and yellow hiking boots. She also likes to wear T-shirts with silly prints and always goes for comfortable shoes.

Personality: Sincere, confident and optimistic. Kul follows her intuition, impulses and curiosity, barely ever inhibited by complex thoughts or worries.
She loves sharing the simple joys of life with others, and making people feel better, but otherwise wouldn’t do anything for anyone but herself (like shaving, for example). She rarely keeps a job for more than a month before getting fired.

Cultural Reference: Kul lives in a fictional little coast town in northern Europe. The differences with the real world are mostly limited to fashion, minor geographical details, and a complicated mythology arc. Technology is a bit behind: video tapes, telephone booths and old fashioned paperwork are the norm. The town dates back to the middle ages, but the majority of the buildings are from the past century. The town is densely built on hill slopes and a cliff by the sea; there are major height differences between certain streets and buildings, providing some really nice views on the rooftops and shore below. The town has a train station, a small harbor, and of course...the beach!

Image References:
Look out by EvveyLee Nice. by EvveyLee Feels So Good To Hit the Ground by EvveyLee

Mood/Theme Request/Suggestion: For an added challenge/practice, a like a town setting would be nice to see, but she will make her way to whatever location possible. Goofing around in a clothing store with other characters, swimming in the sea, working in any profession, dumpster diving, setting up camp in the park, even breaking the fourth wall; it’s all allowed! For another prompt: What do you consider fun when you’re outside the digital world?

Other Important Notes: Kul is always in for adventure; if one were to ask her, she'd say life is one big exciting story (a fact she's readily aware of). So, it is highly recommended you think about the things that you would do, if nothing were holding you back. -- Freedom!

Additional Prizes:
:iconevveylee: - Character portrait sketch for the winner and for runner-ups!
• To donate subscriptions, points, or other such prizes, please send a Note to the group!

Thank you all for your continued support and participation. We love you!
Hello everyone!

SilverSugar asked me to help out with the group, since she has been basically running it by herself the last few months. I'm very delighted that she asked me to join in, I've been with this group since.. 2014. That's quite a long time! And I still love this concept to bits, so with all this out of the way, I'm starting a promotional campain!

~.~.~ What do you need to do? ~.~.~

:bulletgreen: Create a journal about :iconpaperchainproject:
:bulletgreen: Link back to PaperChainProject
:bulletgreen: Explain a bit about the group (if you're not good with words, use the pre-written text down below)
:bulletgreen: Reply to this journal with a link to the journal you've created.
:bulletgreen: Receive 10 DA points!

It's that easy! Help us promote the group =D

Premade text:
The Paper Chain Project is a group where people give and get art. Each month two OC's have the spotlight and will be drawn. There are two different rounds: a Full round and a Sketch round. In the Full round you are required to draw a complete drawing, with color and shading. In the Sketch round, a sketch entry is all that is required. Even more so, polished entries are not allowed. And the best part of all this? When you win a round, either the Sketch of the Ful one, your character is up next! Nothing beats getting art from other people, definitely when it's of your OC!

~.~.~ Also, don't forget ~.~.~
Full round 27 is still ongoing! You have till the 6th of May to create and upload your art piece!

The next Sketch round is coming up, it will be uploaded soon (:

I hope I can count on your support! This group works two ways: Give art, get art. The one can't exist without the other!

Yours truly
:jsenn: CC