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Paperchain: Raca by CamishCD
Tortoiseshell by Artoveli
Violet by DemiseMAN
Paperchain: Chip by CamishCD
Full Round 33
[PCP] On the job by CCDragon-93
PCP KulKwab for EvveyLee by SilverSugar
2016-17 Sketch Rounds
New Girl by Aridax
PCPS30: Brittany Comin' Atcha! by SilverSugar
-PaperChainProject-BardicKitty- by EmberCL
PaperChainProject - Brittany by Ffaunax
2016 Full Round 32
Raca in the woods by EvveyLee
Paperchain: Raca by CamishCD
PCP: One Cannot See the Forest For the Roses by SilverSugar
2016 Full Round 29, 30 and 31
PaperChainProject - Clementine by Ffaunax
Paperchain: Thryskahl by CamishCD
[PCP] Thryskahl by CCDragon-93
A Common Base by Ellucianne
2016 Sketch Round 23, 24, and 25
PCP: Rosy Starling by SilverSugar
PaperChainProject - Rosy by Ffaunax
PCP: Frustrations by SilverSugar
[PCP] Hertia by CCDragon-93
2016 Full Round 28
Tortoiseshell by Artoveli
Anticipation by Ellucianne
PCP: TurtleCat in Faeryland by SilverSugar
TurtleKitty by MeEmilee
2016 Sketch Round 22
PCPS: Making Friends? by SilverSugar
PaperChain Project: Pan by The-Arc-Goddess
Pan by KnightofNoitcif53
And you are...? by Ellucianne
2016 Full Round 27
PCP: So Chipper [Lines] by SilverSugar
Paperchain: Chip by CamishCD
PaperChain Project: Chip by The-Arc-Goddess
2016 Sketch Round 20 and 21
Slytherin by Aridax
PCPS21: Flying Towards Trouble by SilverSugar
Roscoe's Mansion by Ellucianne
[PCP] Roscoe Lacroix by CCDragon-93
2016 Full Round 26
Vigilance by Ellucianne
2016 Sketch Round 19
PCPS19: In the Winds by SilverSugar
2016 Full Round 25
Temper Tested by Ellucianne
2016 Sketch Round 18
PCPS18: Jump Through the Portal with Omri by SilverSugar
2016 Sketch Round 17
Jin by Caehlynt
2015 Round 24
PCP Round 24: Treetop Thief by SilverSugar
2015 Sketch Round 16
PCP Sketch Round 16! by painted-bees
2015 Round 23
Ayva by Caehlynt
2015 Sketch Round 14
PCP Sketch Round 14 :: Maybe Friends? by SilverSugar
2015 Sketch Round 15
Paperchainproject sketch round 15 CYNTHIA by NamelessObsidian22
2015 Round 21
[Sketch] : Lady Death by Zungie
2015 Round 22
Siromany by Caehlynt
Completed Rounds 2015
2014 Round 20
Violet by DemiseMAN
Previous Years
Weapon Cleaning by Shadow-Okami
Completed Rounds 2014


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Sketch Round 30 Character

Submit/View Entries: Sketch Round 30 Folder

Submission Due Date: March 18, 2017  at 11:59 PST

Character © BardicKitty

Name: Brittany
Gender: Female.
Age: 23.
Race/Species: Human.

Height: 5 feet 5 inches.
Face Shape: Oval.
Hair: Red in color. Long bangs that frame the face and hang down a bit past her chin, with a couple very short wisps in the center from her part. Two bits from behind her ears fall to about mid-chest. The rest of it is very long, falling to her hips/buttocks, though she has a tendency to wear it up in a big, tight bun held up with decorative chopsticks.
Eyes: Wide and expressive, slightly up-tilted eyes.
Nose: Smallish.
Lips: Wide, expressive mouth.
Skin: Light tan.

Clothes: She likes to wear cute things. Lots of skirts. Her 'school uniform' of sorts is what she wears most often. It's the black coat with pink trim and matching pink skirt with knee high buckled boots. (see reference images) But I'd love to see what you come up with for any kind of cute outfit for her!

Personality: In a word, Bubbly. She is polite, kind, and friendly and would do anything to help others. Unfortunately, this can make her come across as stupid or annoying to other people. She loves cute things and is athletic (something of a cheerleader/gymnast type). There's a damaged side to her as well, though, that has grown used to people making the wrong kind of assumptions about her and she is lonely and wishes for someone who will actually take the time to understand her. Her intelligence can get lost in translation, plus people don't expect someone so 'bubbly' to be very smart.

Cultural Reference: In the setting she's from, her homeland is very Japanese inspired, which comes out in her overly polite way of speaking and interacting with others as well as some hints in her clothing/hairstyle choices. But she travels to a much more European setting to study magic at a large university/academy. So either type of setting/culture/clothing would be acceptable.

Image References
Brittany by BardicKitty Brittany in coat by BardicKitty Brittany - Revamped n Colored by BardicKitty

Mood/Theme Request/Suggestion: There are two main aspects to the character, and I'd be interested in seeing either. The bubbly, happy Brittany enjoying something cute/fun. Or the lonely Brittany who wishes people wouldn't judge her based on first-glance assumptions. Or it could be fun to see her casting some seriously awesome magic.

Other Important Notes: In the reference image where she's drawn as a cheerleader, that's actually her staff that she uses to channel her magic. The school uniform includes gloves (hers are pink, of course) that are designed to act in place of a staff for that purpose, though. So she can be drawn with one or both of those things if you choose to show her using magic.

Additional Prizes

:iconfandomtopia: - 190 Points to the winner.
:iconsilversugar: - One chibi sketch request to the winner.
:iconkiananight: - 350 Points to the winner.
• If you wish to donate a prize, please Note the group.
About Us || Rules and Participation || Character Sheets || FAQ
Full Round Information || Sketch Round Information

Full Round 33 Results


[PCP] On the job by CCDragon-93

Runner Ups

PCP KulKwab for EvveyLee by SilverSugar

----- ----- -----

Sketch Round 29 Results


Straight from the heart by EvveyLee

Runner Ups

[PCP] A Princess at Heart by CCDragon-93 [PCP] Princess Heart by BardicKitty

EvveyLee cannot hold both rounds. The next round holder will be: BardicKitty as decided by coin-flippage and staff approval. Please look forward to the next round!

----- ----- -----


Thank you to everyone who left us feedback and messages of support on our Participation Journal and for putting up with this impromptu hiatus. We're going to get the next sketch round underway and slowly ramp everything back up from there. Please look forward to it~! --SilverSugar

Thank you all for your continued support and participation~!

Winners, as always, please send us a note with the next character of your choice within four (4) days!
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