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2016 Full Round 27
2016 Sketch Round 21
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2014 Round 20
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Round 27 Character

Submit/View Entries: Full Round 27

Submission Due Date: May 6th, 2016 at 11:59 PDT

Character © :iconellucianne:

Name: Chip
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Race/Species: Felierans

Height: 4'11"
Face Shape: Round with a slight point of the chin.
Hair: Muddy brown, thick, and unkempt.
Eyes: Gold irises, feline pupils, with a wide almond shape.
Nose: Small feline nose.
Body Shape: Thin and smaller than average. However, he is exceptionally agile and can climb to the top of a tree faster than anyone in his tribe.
Skin: Covered with a very fine layer of light brown fur. His ears have slightly thicker and darker fur.

Clothes: His exploring outfit is pictured below. Otherwise, you can catch him at ease in random earthy clothes that don't quite seem to match, but are functional. He has to sew most of his clothes in his spare time when he's at home.
Markings/Piercings/Tattoos: He has some nasty scars on his right arm and leg that he keeps covered with bandages to not scare off the younger Felierans.

Personality: Very stubborn and focus-minded. However, that spills into an incredible loyalty to his tribe and to others he cares about. He also has a quick wit and will take anytime to have fun with his tribe's younger Felierans. He, himself, never had siblings as he lost his parents at a young age. However, this is quite common in his tribe. Therefore, the whole tribe has a deeply bonded family atmosphere. He is also extremely curious of things that are new to him and will sometimes get distracted while on his exploring missions.
Cultural Reference: He lives on an unnamed planet not far from our solar system. His tribe is one of few that have survived from many viscous predators in the wood-like ecosystem. His own tribe's population has remained around 70 due to the excellent training and skill the tribe's defenders have inherited from the warriors of the past. Chip is one of the few defenders who is also an explorer. His mission is to find new resources for the tribe to live off of.
His race are exceptional at sight and hearing, due to their large, sensitive ears and eyes, and can spot a predator more than a mile away. However, they are not predators themselves, and will only eat insects beyond the vegetation of their woods.

Image Reference(s)
Chip by Ellucianne

Mood/Theme Request/Suggestion: I would love to see how you would imagine his settings or what he's like when he's exploring. Otherwise, anything is fun!
Other Important Notes: The blue cloth wrapped around his arm is a piece of his best friend's scarf. His friend was a part of another tribe that randomly disappeared a year ago. Chip has been determined to find them again, although few in his tribe still have hope to do so.

Additional Prizes

* Ellucianne- One request sketch for the winner!
• To donate subscriptions, points, or other such prizes, please send a Note to the group!

Thank you all for your continued support and participation.
About Us|| Rules and Participation || Character Sheets || FAQ
Full Round Information HERE~!

Sketch Round 21 Character

Submit/View Entries: Round 21

Submission Due Date: May 14, 2016 at 11:59:00 PM

Character © CCDragon-93

Name: Axel Graveaux
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Race/Species: Human, French

Height: 1.88 cm
Face Shape: Diamond shaped
Hair: Black, spiked hair which falls in front of his eyes.
Eyes: Dark green
Nose: Normal
Lips: Normal
Skin: Tanned

Clothes: When he is following classes at Beauxbatons, he will wear the school uniform
It consists of a white blouse with a board and long sleeves and a black pull over with green and purple stripes at the arms and V-neck collar. A green crest with a jumping fox it sewn on the left side of the breast. The tie is black, with diagonal purple and green stripes and the pants are straight and dark grey.
In his free time, he resorts to comfortable, yet classy clothing, such as blouses, long sleeved shirts and jeans (not the extremely baggy ones).
Markings/Piercings/Tattoos: No piercings or tattoos.

Personality: Take Draco Malfoy, take out the Death Eater parts and you have Axel Graveaux. He was born in a big house, with a big name and big money. He's a pure blood wizard and he knows it, making sure that everyone he meets knows it too. He is pretty sassy, though you could call it arrogant, and likes to make fun of other people. He used to be quite the flirt, but now that he has a girlfriend, he makes sure not to activate her jealousy. Though he sounds like a total ass, he actually managed to make some real friends in school and he's pretty loyal to them (though he would never tell them).

Cultural Reference: Axel is a student at Beauxbatons, the French wizarding school. He spends most his time there, following classes, joking around with his friends and planning mischief. In the summer vacation he returns to his parents huge house which is located close to Meaux (East of Paris). He is a huge Quidditch fan and is a Chaser on the team of Rusé (one of the houses of Beauxbatons).

Note: This Beauxbatons might be different from the one you know. This Beauxbatons is a RPG forum which was created seven years ago. In this RPG, Beauxbatons is located on a secret island east to Marseille. The castle is located in a secret valley, surrounded by high mountain walls. The valley also contains a forest and a lake. Beauxbatons has three houses: Altier (the proud and wise), Gâteau (the bounteous and kind) and Rusé (the cunning and pure). [In reference, you can see Altier as a mix of Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, Gâteau as Hufflepuff and Rusé as Slytherin]

Image References
Old reference (he is older now):

Mood/Theme Request/Suggestion: Anything is fine, really. Axel following a potions class, him chilling in the hallway, him playing Quidditch. Whatever floats your boat!
Other Important Notes: He has a girlfriend, so please no romantic scenes with other people.

Additional Prizes

• If you wish to donate a prize, please Note the group.
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