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Round 24 Character

Submit/View Entries: Full Round 24
Submission Due Date: December 26, 2015 at 11:59PST
Character © Caehlynt

Name: Saryn
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Race/Species: Bird People

Height:  1.50 m [4'11'']
Face Shape: Round face.
Hair : Red-head, knee length, front bang side strands go behind her head with the rest of her hair in a fancy crown and the rest is a 4 strands braid. If you do the short version, front bang with side ponytail (see references.)
Eyes:  Almond, green eyes. Long eyelashes.
Nose:  Straight and short.
Lips:  Thin
Skin:  Pale

Clothes:  (see references)
Markings/Piercings/Tattoos:  n/a

Personality:  Energic and joyful most of the time, but she can easily get mad and/or cry when things don't go her way. Although she will try to hold her tears in front of her "mentor".

Cultural Reference: In a fantasy world. Saryn lives in a city built on a big forest. She's kind of a princess; her parents are very important people. She's almost 20 which mean her parents are already preparing an arranged marriage for her.

Image References:
An old drawing I made of her:

Mood/Theme Request/Suggestion:  Cheerful, tears of anger, or holding back tears.
Other Important Notes: She's a very pudic girl and wears full-body covering clothes, regardless of weather.

Additional Prizes
• Full drawing for the winner, a bust shot for the runner-ups, and one sketch request per-person who enters! - Caehlynt
• To donate subscriptions, points, or other such prizes, please send a Note to the group!

Thank you all for your continued support and participation.

Sketch Round Information HERE~!
Round Edits and Announcements

Okay, now we're closed. Please look forward to the results. Thanks guys~! Sorry again for the confusion.

Sorry guys. I'm an idiot and forgot how to tell time! (More appropriately, I actually just didn't give you guys the same date as the one on my personal calendar, or I mistakenly typed 22 when I meant 21, or...? Well, something went wrong here is all. I'm very confused.) Since this is my error, I will allow further entries. Many apologies.

And for future reference so this doesn't happen again; Rounds will always end on a Friday or Saturday night from now on.

Since I cannot actually lock the round submissions tonight (as I will be asleep, given I have work tomorrow starting at 6am) I will be checking submission times tomorrow when I get home. Thank you all for your understanding and please forgive this err.

11/21/2015 - Please submit your entries soon everyone~! Thank you and good luck.
11/09/2015 - Updated Prizes~!

And here we have our randomly selected character. Please do your best everyone; this one's adorable.
Thank you all for your continued support and participation.

Sketch Round 15 Character

Submit/View Entries: Round 15

Submission Due Date: November 22nd 11:59, PST

Character © Abi-Berry

Name: Cynthia
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race/Species: Cyclops

Height: (undecided)
Face Shape: Rounded with a somewhat pointed chin.
Hair: A little bit longer than knee length. Purple, straight with 2 plaits in the front. Has two strands sticking out on her forehead.
Eyes: Pastel purple. Big, almond shaped eyes. Has thin, short eyelashes.
Nose: Small, pointed.
Lips: Thin, same colour as her skin.
Skin: Light pink.

Clothes: (see references)
Markings/Piercings/Tattoos: n/a

Personality: Shy, mentally fragile, dependent. Prefers to hide her emotions from the people she cares about. Is quite determined when she needs to, always helpful. Attempts to be protective.
Cultural Reference: Modern day settings.

Image References:
Lie by Abi-Berry Love me? by Abi-Berry
Life is beautiful!~  by Abi-Berry Smile!~ by Abi-Berry

Mood/Theme Request/Suggestion: Heartbroken, cheerful, depressing.

Other Important Notes: When she's heartbroken/depressed, she tends to isolate herself from the outside world. Sometimes she may sing alone in a small theatre. However it is the opposite when she's happy, she would be outdoors near flowing water or where the sun may be visible.

Additional Prizes

Abi-Berry - Winner: Fully coloured full body with background. Runner-Ups: Fully coloured waist-up (might not be with a background) or  fully coloured headshots. [Abi-Berry has also mentioned doing some headshots for other "places." Up to three additional "winners".]
SilverSugar - One theme and/or animal request (sketch) for my next Sketch Dump/Stream, for everyone who enters. A more detailed (inked/possibly colored) request for the winner.
BonbonBeluvr - One bust sketch for everyone who enters.

• If you wish to donate a prize, please note the group.

Full Round Information HERE~!
More Journal Entries


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