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Sketch Round Information HERE~!

Thank you all for your participation~! Please look forward to the results.

01/23/2016 - Bump as a reminder. This round ends Feb. 6th!
01/16/2016 - Updated Prize List

Round 25 Character

Submit/View Entries: Full Round 25

Submission Due Date: February 6th, 2016 at 11:59PST

Character © CamishCD

Name: Child of Tears (Not their real name, it's more of a title.)
Gender: Unknown
Age: Physically in their mid-twenties, but in reality a lot older.
Race/Species: A group of humanoid creatures called the Children of Oblivion.

Height: Approximately 175 cm
Face Shape: The shape of the mask they wear is oval, with a slightly more pointed chin.
Hair: not visible
Eyes: The holes in the mask wider towards the inner corners, and tapered towards the outside corners. They reveal only blackness inside.
Nose: not visible
Lips: not visible
Skin: Very pale, almost white. Only shows on the upper arms and part of the hands.

Clothes: A black body suit underneath a few looser layers of clothing in different shades of grey. They wear boots that reaches the knees, and long gloves that reaches just over their elbows.
Markings/Piercings/Tattoos: The mask has a very characteristic feature: A vertical line underneath each eyes.

Personality: Intelligent and cunning, yet easy to anger. They're a reputed assassin, but while they kill without remorse, they're not completely cold-hearted: They nurture a secret forbidden love, and are a truly soppy romantic about it.
Cultural Reference: As one of the Children of Oblivion, the Child of Tears live in a somewhat futuristic setting. There is no daylight in their world, but plenty of moonlight and starlight and artificial light sources. The Child of Tears is able to kill by touch, causing a surge of electricity to surge through the victim. Because of this, they are highly revered as a wielder of Force and live in luxury.

Image References:
Outfit Reference:
Outfit Reference: Child of Tears by CamishCD
Examples from the comic:
Core ch 0 pg 4 by CamishCDCore ch 0 pg 6 by CamishCD

Mood/Theme Request/Suggestion: You can draw them stalking through the night, or writing love letters by moonlight. Or just looking all creepy and cool. Anything goes, really!

Other Important Notes: Their body is very thin and androgynous-looking. They are stronger than they look, though, and can pull of complicated acrobatic features gracefully. Little has been revealed about this character in my comic thus far, so while there are many more things to know about their looks and identity underneath that mask, I can't spoil that just yet. Sorry!

Additional Prizes

CamishCD: One colored sketch commission to the winner.
• To donate subscriptions, points, or other such prizes, please send a Note to the group!

Thank you all for your continued support and participation.
About Us|| Rules and Participation || Character Sheets || FAQ
Full Round Information HERE~!

Thank you for your participation~! Please look forward to the results.

Sketch Round 18 Character

Submit/View Entries: Round 18

Submission Due Date: February 6th, 2016 at 11:59, PST

Character © Artoveli

Name: Omri
Gender: Male
Age: 20 or thereabouts.
Race/Species: Human (For all intents and purposes, though he's not actually from Earth.)

Height: 5.5 ft
Face Shape: Diamond-shaped but a bit on the long side. His chin comes to a rounded point.
Hair: Black, choppy and messy. He doesn't really think of it, so it never gets any attention from him. Out of sight, out of mind, right?
Eyes: Green, almond-shaped, mono-lidded.
Nose: Cute and round at the tip with a straight bridge.
Lips: Thin. Omri's default expression is a confident, breezy smile, but it does depend on the situation of course.
Skin: Pale, light complexion. (Freckles or moles entirely optional. Those were experimental in the references.)
Clothes: A rough grey tunic with some simple and obviously homemade edging around the extremities, and some sturdy pants and shoes (all pretty nondescript). His long sleeves are always rolled up around his elbows. He's also got a few necessities wrapped up in a roll on his back, and a lute strapped across his shoulder.
Markings/Piercings/Tattoos: None

Personality: Surprisingly (abnormally) laid-back, cheerful and agreeable about most things – even in the face of danger – but extremely serious about rescuing his wife. He's earnest and likable, and is the type of person you look at and think “this guy is the hero of an entire middle-grade series”, except that he's so single-minded about rescuing his wife that if something will further that part of his quest he will do it regardless of how nasty it is. He'll feel bad about it later, but he'd make the same choice again if he had to.

Cultural Reference/History: He's actually a prince from a quasi-medieval kingdom, but he's far from home. He and his wife Saskia (married at birth) rather irresponsibly ran off on an inter-dimensional treasure hunt as a friendship-building exercise before they were supposed to start living and ruling together. Something went wrong though, and she got left behind in a previous dimension. There's no way to backtrack once he's started following a trail, unless he wins the hunt. So now he's desperately trying to win so he can go back and find her (besides the duty he feels to his wife already, they were also finding that they made a good team!).

All this to say that although he is a prince somewhere, he's mostly a treasure hunter now. In an effort to facilitate his progress through successive dimensions, he's taken on the persona of a traveling minstrel (hence the lute), since most people are happy to see a musician, regardless of what the world is like.

You can get away with sticking him in any sort of setting you want, since the whole point is that he's always hopping into new dimensions.

Image References
Omri by Artoveli En Garde! by Artoveli Omries by Artoveli

Mood/Theme Request/Suggestion: Go to town!
Other Important Notes: Omri's lute is more than it appears to be, and is actually a highly advanced piece of tech that acts as both a homing beacon leading him closer and closer to the treasure, and as the dimensional key that allows him to hop universes. It also has a built-in tuner! It's his most prized possession, as he'd quite literally be lost without it. (Reference is for the basic shape and neck, you may draw it however you wish.)

Additional Prizes

Artoveli: To the winner; a sketch of one of their characters (Request must follow these rules: non-magical, non-violent, and nothing NSFW.)
• If you wish to donate a prize, please Note the group.
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