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10/07/2015 -- This Round is Over! The winner will be announced soon!
10/07/2015 -- You have just a few hours left before this round closes. Please get your entries in as soon as possible! Thanks everyone.
10/06/2015 -- This round is ending --tomorrow-- so make sure to get your entries finished and submitted soon!
Just a few days left; get your entries polished up and ready to submit if you have not done so already! Good luck all.
09/27/2015 -- Reminder: You have a week and some change to get your entries completed. Good luck everyone and thank you for your participation~!
09/09/2015 -- Updated Prize Donations

Round 22 Character

Submit/View Entries: Full Round 22
Submission Due Date: October 7, 2015 at 11:59PDT
Character © Siromany

Name: Siromany
Gender: Genderless, Masculine
Age: Ageless
Race/Species: Virtue

Height: 5'8"
Face Shape: Pointed mask, pronounced chin and jaw.
Hair: Curly hair-like fire, front parts of his hair extend down to his collarbone
Eyes: White, blank eyes that can go from circular to angular.
Nose: Rounded bump from the middle of the mask
Lips: Three white dots that form into a mouth line
Skin: Pale white, black mask, detached fiery arms.

Clothes: No clothes, has no need for clothes due to being a physical embodiment of a virtue. (Not naked.)
Markings/Piercings/Tattoos: Black triangular mark on his chest

Personality: The living form of humility, tries to do the right thing and guide his partner to follow the path of the virtues with good will. Siromany does not want to fight, and his powers are rooted in defense.
Cultural Reference: Comes from a heaven-like dimension created by three god beings. Eight virtues keep the law of life and love as physical celestial beings, Diligence, Courage, Temperance, Kindness, Humility, Chastity, Charity, and Patience. Humility is bound to a human host and becomes Siromany, who later is corrupted by the vices.

Image References
Serawmoneh by Siromany Siro and Siromany by Siromany Siromany Reference by Siromany Siroooo by Siromany Siro 'n Siro by Siromany

Mood/Theme Request/Suggestion: Either portrayed as holy and whimsical, or mischievous and maniacal.

Other Important Notes: Hair and arms are actual fire, hair is just shaped in a style. His hands are white orbs with thick black outlining and slitted fires for fingers. Siromany is drawn in black and white, but he is also associated with the color blue at times.

Additional Prizes

Siromany - One digital full body character image for the winner.
SilverSugar - One full sketch request -OR- one flat-colored chibi request.

To donate subscriptions, points, or other prizes, please send a Note to the group!
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